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For children school is not simply the preparation for life, it is life…John Dewey

A group of young students gathered around a table

Students – what makes a great school?

Schools are foundational to creating society and the shared values that bind us together. A great school is often described as a community of learners, encompassing students, teachers, support staff, parents, and community members. Engaging the community of learners in recognizing the many positive attributes of a school, while highlighting future directions and areas for focus, is the intention behind the Enhancing Student Learning Framework.

In consultation with our educational stakeholders, we have identified and committed to the development of the following six core attributes that help foster a Vibrant Learning Community.

A Vibrant Learning Community is a place that has…

A Focus on student engagement and learning
A culture of teamwork and collaboration
Respect for adult and student diversity
A strong sense of community and collective responsibility
Strong systemic structures including collaboration, meetings and PACs
Ongoing and relevant communication of student learning

A great school is, by its very nature, a ‘Vibrant Learning Community’. It is a place where students and educators learn, share and grow together. Ideally, schools are microcosms of the larger community, where students learn about each other’s uniqueness and acquire the skills to participate meaningfully in their community. It is not a place of status quo and, as such, is constantly evolving. In addition, schools are places where curiosity is inspired and nurtured, and the foundations of a future orientation are fostered.