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District Planning

Determining Priorities

The real methodology for system change begins and ends with ongoing conversations about important questions Tony Wagner

District Planning Process

The District Plan articulates the school district’s priority areas to Enhance Student Learning. The development of educator knowledge, understanding, and skill in the Pillars of Educational practice along the full continuum of Universal Design is the overarching priority for the district. It is the responsibility of the Executive of the school district to establish the Priorities for Enhancing Student Learning.

House posts of planning

House posts of planning: Vision to goal setting, Planning & Implementation, Monitor Evaluate & Adapt, and Communicating Progress

The North Vancouver School District priority areas are Modernizing the Curriculum, Complex Learners, Aboriginal Education, Social Emotional Learning, and Career Development. In each area of priority, goals are informed by consultation with respective departments, educational research, stakeholder input, and school plans. In addition, the broad priority areas are reviewed by the school district’s executive with consideration to input from representative stakeholders through the budget process.

The District Plan is a multi-year commitment to areas of priority with a commitment to an annual cycle of action inclusive of goal setting, implementation, evaluate, and communicating progress. Through an appreciative inquiry mindset and small improvements, everywhere, all the time we develop a ‘Learning Community’ with a continuous improvement.

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